3 Reasons Why You Need a Garage Storage System

It’s fall y’all, and with it comes the dawning realization that something is very wrong with your garage. Piles of boxes and loose household items are strewn from one end to the other. You may not need any convincing that garage organization is a practical investment for your sanity. However, these three reasons also show you adding custom garage storage systems actually make your life better.


You already know that you need to get a handle on the clutter in your home. Many people use the garage as the catch-all place to put everything else that does not have a home. With garage storage cabinets, voilà, everything will now have a home. Most garage storage options take advantage of the walls, and even the ceiling for maximum efficiency. Cabinets give you a place to put pet food, gardening supplies and sports equipment. Add shelving for bins you would like to reach quickly. Consider slatwall storage- panels with slats to place hooks and other accessories- as a handy place to put yard tools and even bikes. Do not forget about your ceiling. Install overhead storage to give you a great spot for seasonal decorations and other lightweight items.


With all the clutter put away, you can see how beautifully empty your garage floor looks. Is it not a sight to behold? Now you can fulfill a part of the American dream that includes enjoying your garage while you still have a place to park your car. No longer do you have to worry about a cascade of toys, balls and kids’ scooters falling when you move your car. Instead, you will have effective garage wall storage systems that give you plenty of room to park one or even two cars, with more space to get in and out.


When you walk by the homes of your neighbors, you can tell which ones are proud of their garages. They are happy to leave the garage door open on a sunny day to enjoy the nice weather. Do you yearn to be one of them? Give your home the curb appeal it deserves. You will appreciate a decent improvement on your home’s resale value by making your garage look tightly organized and professional. In this way, you realize that garage organization systems are more than just an expense. They are a monetary investment that will absolutely pay off for everyone who takes advantage of them.

When you take the time to consider a garage organization system, you have nothing to lose but clutter and frustration. Garage organization gives your garage back to you, with a nice increase in your home value to boot. It is not hard to weigh out the cost of a new garage storage system against the benefits you get from it. Your satisfaction in your home is worth it.



6 Must-Have Items for your Walk-In Closet

Your walk-in closet is a valuable asset. As long you employ the right closet storage solutions, you’ll have plenty of room to store your clothing, shoes, accessories and laundry. If you’re in the process of upgrading your walk-in closet, make sure you incorporate these must-have items to maximize the space.


Stylish closet shelving doesn’t just add to the beauty of your walk-in closet – with adjustable shelves, it is also more versatile. You can modify shelf heights as needed to store bins, baskets, purses and sweaters. You can even pull a few shelves out to make room for bulky blankets when you don’t need them during the summer.


Drawers are useful for storing items you don’t want out in the open. Shallow drawers are an ideal way to organize jewelry, belts, ties and socks without taking up much space. Deeper drawers are best suited for undershirts, linens and other slightly bulkier items.


These rods stack vertically, with one sitting at about your waist while the other is overhead. Double hanging rods maximize walk-in closet space, allowing you to hang two rows of shirts or pants while taking up half the closet space as a single hanging rod.


Do you like setting out your clothes the night before? This method saves time in the morning, but you really need a valet rod for it to work with dress clothes. This is a telescoping rod that sticks out along a shelf or wall so you can hang a suit jacket or dress. Valet rods are also handy for hanging clothes just returned from the dry cleaner.


Depending on your closet’s layout and the number of shoes you have, your shoe storage options could vary from slanted shelves to floor-to-ceiling cubbies to shoe racks near the floor. Whatever option sounds best to you,  dedicated shoe storage is the best way to protect your footwear, keep the front entryway from getting cluttered with shoes, and make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.


With clothes comes the inevitability of laundry. Still, dirty clothes don’t need to be an eyesore in your walk-in closet. Install a hidden hamper that pivots out on the back of a cabinet door. This allows for easy accessibility on laundry day while keeping dirty clothes hidden the rest of the time.

Do these closet design ideas inspire you? If you’re ready to turn good ideas into reality, contact CornerStone Closets in Baltimore today. Our experienced closet designers have the knowledge and experience to make your dream of an organized closet come to fruition!


4 Solutions to Tame your Mudroom

The term “mudroom” comes from the idea that families needed a place in the home to take off muddy clothing and workwear. However, today’s mudrooms are anything but a muddy mess. With these mudroom designs, you can mix up style and organization for your own piece of organized heaven.


Families have busy schedules, and keeping up with all the gear that goes along with it takes planning. When children are stopping in the mudroom to fling off coats, backpacks and shoes, there should be a place for all of these items in the mudroom. Mudroom cabinets provide you with a spot for everything, without having it visible to everyone who walks in. Custom cabinets are great to store:

  • coats
  • backpacks
  • umbrellas
  • towels
  • cleaning materials for the porch

Wall-to-wall storage helps to keep you organized whether you are coming or going. Consider designating a cabinet for each person, or a cabinet for morning and evening.


If you are the type to forget things that are not in your sight, open shelving is a simple solution to your problem. Visible storage helps you remember what you need as you walk out the door. Open cubbies also make it easier for young children to stow away their possessions when they come in the door, and get them out before they leave. Open shelves placed higher give you a place for decorations that you, your family and guests can enjoy as you walk in the door. Shelves placed down low allow you to put your shoes somewhere other than the floor. This also helps keep your floor cleaner.


When you put on or take off your shoes,it would be ideal to have a place to sit as you do it. Wonder no longer, for a boot bench is your best bet. You can sit down on a comfortable seat to put on your shoes. Hooks make it easy for kids and adults to hang up their jackets and backpacks. The bench itself gives you a place to put your boots and shoes. Add baskets or bins for gloves and hats.


On the subject of hooks, you should realize that your mudroom design could probably use more. Hooks are not just for coats anymore. They are useful for anything you want off the ground and out of the cabinets. Use hooks to hang up coats, pet leashes, backpacks, even your keys.

Mudroom may be synonymous with madness in some homes, but it does not have to be. With these great ideas for mudroom design, you will enjoy organization with more than a touch of class.



Is an overhead garage system the right solution for you?

Even the most organized garage storage system could probably stand to get a little better. When you look up, do you see a blank ceiling? If so, you need to learn how overhead storage may solve many of your garage organization problems. With overhead garage storage, you can cut the clutter on your garage floor, create a solution that is easy to operate, and have the entire system installed in an afternoon.


While you most likely have some heavy pieces of equipment that you need to store in the garage, that is probably not all you store in there. If you created a list of all the categories of your garage storage, you would find a number of things that are lightweight but bulky. These include sports equipment, outerwear, camping gear, holiday decorations and more. You typically do not put these things on the walls because they do not fit well in shelving or bins, unless your storage options are particularly large. Those possessions are perfect to store in overhead storage, because their use is seasonal and they do not weigh much. When you put them overhead, you free up much more space on the floor.


If you imagine that overhead storage will be impossible to manage, you would be surprised to learn how easy it actually is. You can select from overhead garage storage systems that are operated by hand, and those that are motorized. They can be raised and lowered with hand-crank cables and a pulley system. You lower them and remove the items you would like to reach. At the same time, you can add out-of-season gear and then raise the storage back up. No more hurting your back from trying to access out-of-reach storage.


There are kits for overhead storage that purport to be very effective and easy to install on your own. However, of the many things you might choose to do with your garage, installing overhead storage is something you want to have done by a professional. The system will not be easy to use if you install it incorrectly, and it could be unsafe if you have not secured it properly. Consider it an investment in your happiness. Experts usually only need a couple of hours to perform a full installation, even for a complex system. In a morning or afternoon, you could dramatically expand your garage’s available storage.

You may have been searching for the solution to your garage storage concerns, while the answer sits above your head. When you add overhead garage storage systems to your lineup, you get a plan that makes neatness both easy and effective.

Custom Closets: DIY vs Professional

Some people wonder if calling a professional is the right answer to closet organization or if they should simply do the job themselves.  There are a lot of options and space decisions that need to be made, and a professional can assist you with these.  Should you add shelves to your master bedroom closet, or would drawers and cubbies be best? CornerStone Closets covers a wide area of Maryland including:  Ellicott City, Towson, Baltimore, Bel Air, Annapolis, Montgomery County and Prince George County.  So please call 410-980-9508 and arrange for a free in-home estimate. Here are three ways a designer can solve your custom closet conundrum:


Using a professional designer is cost effective.  You don’t have to rip out the wall and expand your non-functional closet in order to make it work for you, especially if you’re on a budget.  You can’t afford to throw money at closet organization solutions unless you’re positive they’ll function properly.

That’s why working with a closet designer is so beneficial! This choice gives you more financial flexibility because a designer can help you choose the best closet storage system to meet your needs within your existing space. Knowledgeable designers know how to increase home value with strategic closet additions all while staying on a budget.  There are many quality solutions the designer has which will enable you to have a high quality, aesthetic, and extremely functional closet, but still stay within your budget.


Investing in poorly made products ends up costing you more in the long run because shoddy craftsmanship means the storage solutions wear out or break down sooner.  Unfortunately, there are many ways to cheapen the cost of a closet system and some of those really affect the quality. You should never have to replace custom additions to your walk-in closet; the solutions you choose should work for a lifetime.  That is why as with other large expensive products you should go to a professional.  CornerStone Closets is one such company who specializes in the design and installation of closets.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to spot low-quality products until it’s too late. With insider knowledge from a closet designer, you can get expert tips about which materials and brands to choose. The best designers know how to balance quality with cost efficiency, giving you the biggest bang for your buck.  Stay away from a handyman or someone who does not have the expertise to handle your project.


Unless you have a designer’s eye, it can be difficult to envision what you really want from your closet until you see it. This is true for many people. It’s the reason home and garden magazines are so popular. Sometimes you need a visual representation to see what your closet is capable of before it hits you: that’s exactly the look and function you want from your closet!

For example, have you thought about the ideal way to store your shoes? A setup with shelves running the closet’s perimeter near the floor may work well, but what about floor-to-ceiling shelves with a more open-concept look? This could be a more impressive way to showcase your shoe collection that you hadn’t thought of before.

The bottom line is a closet designer can present you with several affordable ideas for you to mix and match. Quality products and a professional installation are assured. There’s no other way to guarantee your satisfaction than by working with a designer from CornerStone Closets. The designer will use a 3D program to show you exactly how your finished closet will look after the installation is complete.  So eliminate the guess work and contact us in Maryland, to schedule a free consultation today!

5 Steps to take back your Kitchen

Do you feel like your kitchen is poised to take over your life?  Are you tired of trying to manage the clutter? This 5-step guide can help you turn your kitchen into the useful space it should be.


You know that the countertops in your kitchen are a magnet for clutter. Take away all the leftover mail, school papers, pens and junk and sort them. Throw away the excess and make a plan to neatly store the things you need in drawers. Consider drawer inserts to keep small items tidy.


Are those leftovers from the New Year’s Eve party hiding at the back of the fridge? Get rid of them! Remove anything in the fridge that has seen better months (or years), including the bottles in the door. Take a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner and a few paper towels and wipe down the shelves and drawers. Your fridge will sparkle and all the food will be much more appealing.


If you have a habit of heating up open bowls and containers of food in the microwave, you might notice a collection of food debris that has cemented itself to the inside of your microwave. Put a bowl of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar in the microwave on high for five minutes. This will loosen up the gunk. Then you can perform a wipe-down of the stovetop and cabinets. Remember to wipe the top of your microwave, since it hides a lot of dust.


Getting your pantry up to snuff requires a decent amount of thinning-out. Get rid of all the stuff you have no intention of eating, including bags of potato chip crumbs, stale cereal and old bread. Now you can add pantry organization systems. Start with roll-out drawers to make it easy to access the stuff at the back. Install custom shelving to give you a place to store things of a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider customizing with a built-in wine rack or bookshelf for your recipes.


The last thing you want to do is wipe around a bunch of small appliances. Get them up off the counter and into cabinets that are built especially for them. With a wine rack and a custom pantry cabinet for your wine glasses and bartending gear, you will never have to worry about cleaning around a bunch of bottles again.

Your kitchen should be a haven for cooking and entertainment. Once you have achieved these five steps, you can step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Garage Spring Cleaning Guide

If you used your garage as a dumping zone all winter long, it’s probably looking pretty sad by now. With the weather warming up, it’s time to gut the garage and make it a more functional, organized space for outdoor spring and summer activities. Use this easy spring cleaning guide to help you get going.


Tools, sporting equipment, bikes, gardening supplies, seasonal decorations – it’s all a bit much to take in. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by how much junk you have crammed into the garage, empty everything onto the driveway and take inventory.

Place items you use regularly into the “Keep” pile. Outdated fertilizers, broken flower pots, malfunctioning tools and mismatched parts belong in the “Toss” pile. As for the items you haven’t used in years, but that are still in good shape, put them in the “Sell/Donate” pile.

While the garage is still empty, take time to dust shelves, wipe out drawers and sweep the floor. If the old, gray cement floor has seen better days, consider installing a new floor coating to improve aesthetics and help you enjoy spending time in the garage more.


If you don’t have an organized way to store your tools, this is the time to invest in a wall organizer with magnets or hooks. This type of setup makes it easy to see all your tools without digging through a messy toolbox. The setup remains organized because every tool has its place, and the workspace remains uncluttered because the tools are stored on the wall.

You can get hooks for far more than just your tools. Hang bikes, rakes, storage baskets and sporting equipment on the wall with specially designed hooks.


Take measurements of the walls and decide if you can fit built-in garage shelves and custom garage cabinets alongside your car. These are the ultimate storage solutions, allowing you to stack labeled bins for organization and easy access. Cabinets come with or without doors to let you customize the look and functionality of the garage.

If you feel short on space, remember you can always utilize garage overhead storage for lesser-used items. By storing holiday décor, spare tires and other items you don’t use very often up high, you free up prime storage real estate within arm’s reach for items you use more regularly.

You might have dreams of a clean, organized garage, but without a little guidance, you might be unsure of what you really want. At CornerStone Closets, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you in your spring cleaning and garage organization goals. Contact us today to get started!