4 Top Home Improvement Trends

The verdict is in: Desired trends among today’s home buyers include closet space, laundry rooms, and multipurpose rooms, according to the National Association of Home Builders 2018 survey. Send your home’s value soaring by making these popular storage-related home upgrades.


Today’s home buyers want a secure place to store their car. They expect a one- or two-car garage to offer enough storage space for their verhicle(s) plus anything else they wish to store in there. A great way to keep the garage clean and attract buyers looking to maximize the storage space in their homes is through custom garage cabinets.

We recommend cabinets that mount off the floor instead of cabinets that sit on the floor. This way, home owners can easily sweep and mop underneath the cabinets, which keeps the garage clean. To complement garage cabinets, and further keep the floor space free for car storage, add an overhead storage system.


Storage space is in demand all year round – for winter coats and boots, spring and summer sports equipment, and much more. To add value to your home and command a better price, think custom closets. Rather than just offering a large square footage with a token closet rod, custom closets deliver tailor-made storage solutions that make organization easier. A custom closet designer can help you maximize your storage space throughout the home.


The pantry and laundry room tend to attract clutter. You might find you spend more time cleaning up these spaces than you do using them. To nix the clutter, maximize space, and make your home as attractive to buyers as possible, install custom cabinets that truly meet your needs. For a pantry, consider pull-out shelves or custom tall pantry cabinets for cleaning equipment. In the laundry room, try laundry room cabinets that double as hampers or hide a pull-out ironing board.


Instead of making that third bedroom a home office, then putting guests on a lumpy pull-out sofa, make the most of your unused bedroom by turning it into a multi-purpose room. Invest in a Murphy bed that folds out to a bed and converts to a desk for daily use. Stylish, sleek, and comfortable, Murphy beds can help you make the most out of limited space – without sacrificing style.

Want to talk more about any of these in-demand home upgrades? Are you convinced it’s time to move forward and seeking a quote for your home? Contact us –  we would be happy to help!


Explore Your Garage Storage Options

You may not spend every waking hour in the garage, but that doesn’t mean you should sit back and ignore the clutter piling up so that you can’t even park your car in there anymore. If this scenario sounds familiar, it’s time to explore your garage storage options. With a little bit of planning and help from a garage designer, you can transform this catch-all room into a productive storage space.


Step into your garage and take a good look around. Assess both the existing storage solutions and the items piled around the garage. Are there any bare walls that could benefit from added garage cabinets and shelving? What items can you toss, donate or sell to free up space in the garage?

Decide what stays and what goes. Then take measurements to determine how much shelving and cabinet space you think you need to store the items you plan to keep. A garage designer can help you estimate and measure correctly.


You probably store sporting gear in the garage. Gather all loose items together and assess how much storage space you should dedicate to sporting equipment. Keeping these related items together on one wall is a good idea, just as it makes sense to store all your camping gear together and holiday decorations all in one place.

Small items such as hockey pucks, tennis balls and badminton birdies can be stored together in hanging wire baskets. Mid-sized items such as basketballs, soccer balls, ice skates, baseball mitts and kneepads can be grouped together in larger wire bins. Bulky sporting equipment such as golf bags, hockey sticks, tennis racquets and baseball bats can hang from hooks inside garage cabinets.


The last thing you want is to spend time redoing the garage only to have shelves collapse or cabinet doors warp. Seek out garage storage systems that are built to last.

For example, one-inch-thick, thermally fused laminate shelves carry heavy loads without sagging over time. The heat and pressure applied to this type of shelving joins the wood layers together to create a permanent bond. Thermally fused laminate shelves are virtually unbreakable in any reasonable residential or commercial application.

In addition, an off-the-floor hanging cabinet design protects your garage storage system from damp conditions so common in garages. Quality hardware and finishes add style and make you proud to show off your garage.

If you think you could benefit from a cleaner, more organized garage, please contact CornerStone Closets in Baltimore today. Our garage designers can help you transform the space into your favorite room in the house.


Clear the Clutter: 3 Steps to an Organized Closet

The closet is a place to store items behind closed doors, but unfortunately this often means the space becomes a disorganized mess in dire need of some TLC. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed every time you open the closet door, use these quick closet organization tricks to tame the mess. You’ll feel more relaxed and enjoy a much more productive closet space once you do.


The first step to getting an organized closet is to remove all of the items you have stored there. As you remove belongings one by one from hanging rods and shelves, place them in one of five piles:

  • The discard pile is for anything torn, stained or otherwise damaged beyond repair. It’s not worth letting these items take up space in your closet.
  • The dry clean pile is for sensitive fabrics that require special cleaning. Take in all your dry cleaning at once to prevent the need to take multiple trips.
  • The mend pile is for any clothes you want to keep, but that need a little attention. Take these clothes to the sewing machine and patch them up before returning them to the closet.
  • The donate pile is for gently used clothes and shoes you have either outgrown or no longer wear. If you recently lost a lot of weight, donating oversized clothes helps prevent future weight gain.
  • The keep pile is for everything else, though some items may need to be relocated to a different spot in the house.


Organizing a closet takes time, and you may not have several hours to spare on a single day. Pace yourself to make the project more manageable. As a rule, you might spend 15 minutes every day sorting through one corner of the closet. You’ll have all the items that don’t belong sorted out in just a few days.


Now, while the closet is empty, is the perfect time to design and install a custom closet system. Closet system features offer many benefits. First of all, creating an organized space helps ease your stress every time you open the closet door. Getting ready in the morning becomes a breeze when you can easily reach everything you need. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your home, an organized closet storage system is a great selling point.

If you need help implementing these closet organization ideas, please request a free quote from CornerStone Closets. Our designers have the experience necessary to design a custom closet perfect for your needs, regardless of the closet’s size. Need a do-over for a small reach-in closet? Have big plans for an expansive walk-in closet? We can do it all!

By cleaning and organizing the pantry, you reduce clutter, keep pests at bay, and save money eating food you have instead of buying more or springing for takeout. Pantry organization doesn’t need to be time consuming when you follow these tips for getting the pantry shelves organized and clearing clutter.



The first step can be the most overwhelming, but it’s also the most important. Take everything out of the pantry. Get on the stepladder and reach those high shelves! Grab absolutely everything, including what has ended up on the floor. This includes non-food items you may store in the pantry.

Then organize food items by categories that make sense to you. You might sort items by major categories like cans, grains and pastas, snacks, spices, and prepared foods. Or you might sort items by foods you use regularly, foods you use occasionally, snacks and drinks, and non-food items like cleaning supplies or disposables. Whatever categories you select, make sure that they make sense to you and that you can easily maintain order.


As you are organizing your food by category, check the expiration date of food items. Throw away any food that has expired – eating it could compromise your health. If you find foods that will soon expire, create a separate space in the pantry for these high-priority items that need to be used soon.

If your pantry was very cluttered, you may come across multiples of a particular product. If you have more cans of tuna or boxes of pasta than you can reasonably use, consider donating the surplus to your local food pantry to help those in need in your community.

Once you have tossed the expired food items, you can return your organized pantry staples to your shelves or cupboards.

If clutter is a continual problem for you, you may need to remove non-food items from the pantry or invest in additional pantry shelving or cupboards to accommodate your needs.


By investing in custom pantry cabinets, you can improve your pantry organization and storage space while beautifying your kitchen and increasing your home’s resale value. If you find that you frequently have to throw away expired food, or struggle to fit everything on your pantry shelves, your investment in pantry cabinets will pay off with financial savings and reduced clutter in your home.

Learn more or request a free pantry cabinet installation quote from Cornerstone Closets. There are many cabinet styles, and the cabinets of your dream may be more affordable than you have always thought!

Top 3 Garage Storage Ideas to Give you More Space

The garage is one of the top five spaces homeowners request help getting organized from professional organizers. Garages can quickly get out of hand when you try to store too many different things in the space, and lack the basic storage items to really organize everything you have in there. Learn the top 3 garage storage systems you need to keep the garage organized and reduce your clutter.


As a general rule, only large items that you use regularly (like the lawnmower) should be stored on the floor of the garage. Everything else should be organized off the floor using a storage system – and cabinets are an easy and flexible option. Garage cabinets can accommodate many different products, allowing you to safeguard potentially dangerous items from children and pets, and keep occasionally used items out of sight.

Create groups of like items — think children’s/sports, home and garden, utility, tool, or hobby — and store each group of items in its own cabinet.


Overhead garage shelving is the perfect place to put items that you only need occasionally, such as seasonal-use items. Overhead storage shelves can run around three sides of your garage and are easily accessed with a step stool.

These shelves are ideal for large, lightweight things like a kayak, portable cooler, or camping gear. Avoid placing heavy items on overhead garage shelves, since they can be difficult to lift down on your own.


Slatwall hangs on the wall and sits flat.  Not your grandfather’s pegboard, slatwall’s versatility lies in the accessories that can be added to it – such as hooks, baskets, and even hose and bike racks.  By using slatwall in your garage, you can store items such as tools, perhaps over a designated workbench area, to bikes and ladders.  This versatile garage accessories is completely multi-functional for many different categories of items typically stored in a garage.

To get the most out of your garage storage areas, we recommend a combination of these systems, and we are here to help.  Call CornerStone Closets for a free quote to get you on the road to garage organization!

Maximize Your Reach In Closet

Do you feel discouraged every time you open your closet? If belongings spill out when you open the door, you may find yourself wishing you had a larger space to store things. However, even if you don’t have a large walk-in closet, you can still use custom closet designs to maximize your small reach-in closet. Here are a few to get you started:


Every inch of space, all the way up to the ceiling, is valuable real estate you could be utilizing better. For instance, start by installing shelving at the top of the closet to store lesser-used items, such as seasonal clothing. Colorful bins add visual appeal while still being fully functional.

Then, look down toward the floor. Instead of piling your shoes haphazardly, install pull-out wire baskets near floor level. This allows you to easily access whatever you decide to store in the bins, from shoes to in-season outerwear.

Finally, if the ceiling is more than 9 feet high, install a third hanging rod. The ability to hang an extra row of clothes makes your small closet feel much larger.


When you can see all of your accessories at a glance, it’s easier to get ready in the morning. Add a closet system that facilitates this small closet idea. For example:

  • Mini jewelry trays keep your earrings and necklaces organized yet visible
  • Pull-out belt and tie racks tuck away when they’re not needed, but allow you to easily sort through your options and choose the best accessories for your outfit
  • Sliding wire baskets give you a preview before you open them, saving you time in the morning
  • Open shelving is the perfect place to display purses and shoes with pride


Small closets tend to be limited to shelves and hanging rods, but the addition of drawers lets you store folded sweaters, pajamas, undergarments and pants. Custom cabinets also provide a place to store items you want out of sight, yet close at hand.


If your closet currently has a traditional swinging or bi-fold door, this could be a good time to change it out for a sliding door. This alternative is a great space saver, since it doesn’t swing outward into the room. You also have versatile design options, such as using mirrored doors to make the room seem more spacious.


If you’re seeking a professional to help you implement these small closet ideas, please request a free quote from CornerStone Closets. Our closet designers can help make your vision a reality.

4 Easy Laundry Room Organization Tips

Do you find yourself putting off doing the laundry because messy piles of unwashed clothes seem too overwhelming? Do you tear around the house looking for a favorite sweater only to find (thirty minutes later) that you left it in the laundry room? By investing in smart laundry room organization, you can reduce wasted time and stress. Start with these easy-to-implement laundry room organization tips.


The first step is to use for white and colored clothing. Then, get all family members into the habit of sorting their dirty laundry by color and placing it inside the appropriate hamper. This will immediately neaten up your laundry room and reduce time spent sorting later. If space allows, you may also want to get a separate hamper for sheets and towels.


Few things are ore frustrating than finding a lone sock in the dryer. Try setting up a lost sock jar to place all loose socks in one accessible place. Next time you do a load of laundry, you may find the missing sock. If you don’t find lost sock mates after a month or so, throw away the lone sock or use it for home cleaning.


Maryland winter weather doesn’t allow you to hang delicates outside to dry. Yet these clothes can shrink if you place them in the dryer, ruining your valuable clothes. Add a wall-mounted laundry room drying bar that allows you to easily hang items to dry without occupying valuable laundry room floor space. Or consider installing a double drying bar so you can store twice the amount of clothing. This way, you can maximize space in a small laundry room and still dry your clothing all year round.


Reduce clutter and improve your home by installing a supply shelf, or shelves, over the washing machine. These shelves are a timely trend in home decor, and will increase your home’s value and attractiveness. You will love storing detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, and more over the washing machine – within easy reach. This will also help keep your laundry room floor clutter-free.

While these laundry room tips can get you started cleaning out clutter in the laundry room, we still know that home organization can be overwhelming. For more tips on implementing simple yet effective organization strategies in all the rooms of our house, contact CornerStone Closets today!