4 Top Home Improvement Trends

The verdict is in: Desired trends among today’s home buyers include closet space, laundry rooms, and multipurpose rooms, according to the National Association of Home Builders 2018 survey. Send your home’s value soaring by making these popular storage-related home upgrades.


Today’s home buyers want a secure place to store their car. They expect a one- or two-car garage to offer enough storage space for their verhicle(s) plus anything else they wish to store in there. A great way to keep the garage clean and attract buyers looking to maximize the storage space in their homes is through custom garage cabinets.

We recommend cabinets that mount off the floor instead of cabinets that sit on the floor. This way, home owners can easily sweep and mop underneath the cabinets, which keeps the garage clean. To complement garage cabinets, and further keep the floor space free for car storage, add an overhead storage system.


Storage space is in demand all year round – for winter coats and boots, spring and summer sports equipment, and much more. To add value to your home and command a better price, think custom closets. Rather than just offering a large square footage with a token closet rod, custom closets deliver tailor-made storage solutions that make organization easier. A custom closet designer can help you maximize your storage space throughout the home.


The pantry and laundry room tend to attract clutter. You might find you spend more time cleaning up these spaces than you do using them. To nix the clutter, maximize space, and make your home as attractive to buyers as possible, install custom cabinets that truly meet your needs. For a pantry, consider pull-out shelves or custom tall pantry cabinets for cleaning equipment. In the laundry room, try laundry room cabinets that double as hampers or hide a pull-out ironing board.


Instead of making that third bedroom a home office, then putting guests on a lumpy pull-out sofa, make the most of your unused bedroom by turning it into a multi-purpose room. Invest in a Murphy bed that folds out to a bed and converts to a desk for daily use. Stylish, sleek, and comfortable, Murphy beds can help you make the most out of limited space – without sacrificing style.

Want to talk more about any of these in-demand home upgrades? Are you convinced it’s time to move forward and seeking a quote for your home? Contact us –  we would be happy to help!


By cleaning and organizing the pantry, you reduce clutter, keep pests at bay, and save money eating food you have instead of buying more or springing for takeout. Pantry organization doesn’t need to be time consuming when you follow these tips for getting the pantry shelves organized and clearing clutter.



The first step can be the most overwhelming, but it’s also the most important. Take everything out of the pantry. Get on the stepladder and reach those high shelves! Grab absolutely everything, including what has ended up on the floor. This includes non-food items you may store in the pantry.

Then organize food items by categories that make sense to you. You might sort items by major categories like cans, grains and pastas, snacks, spices, and prepared foods. Or you might sort items by foods you use regularly, foods you use occasionally, snacks and drinks, and non-food items like cleaning supplies or disposables. Whatever categories you select, make sure that they make sense to you and that you can easily maintain order.


As you are organizing your food by category, check the expiration date of food items. Throw away any food that has expired – eating it could compromise your health. If you find foods that will soon expire, create a separate space in the pantry for these high-priority items that need to be used soon.

If your pantry was very cluttered, you may come across multiples of a particular product. If you have more cans of tuna or boxes of pasta than you can reasonably use, consider donating the surplus to your local food pantry to help those in need in your community.

Once you have tossed the expired food items, you can return your organized pantry staples to your shelves or cupboards.

If clutter is a continual problem for you, you may need to remove non-food items from the pantry or invest in additional pantry shelving or cupboards to accommodate your needs.


By investing in custom pantry cabinets, you can improve your pantry organization and storage space while beautifying your kitchen and increasing your home’s resale value. If you find that you frequently have to throw away expired food, or struggle to fit everything on your pantry shelves, your investment in pantry cabinets will pay off with financial savings and reduced clutter in your home.

Learn more or request a free pantry cabinet installation quote from Cornerstone Closets. There are many cabinet styles, and the cabinets of your dream may be more affordable than you have always thought!

5 Steps to take back your Kitchen

Do you feel like your kitchen is poised to take over your life?  Are you tired of trying to manage the clutter? This 5-step guide can help you turn your kitchen into the useful space it should be.


You know that the countertops in your kitchen are a magnet for clutter. Take away all the leftover mail, school papers, pens and junk and sort them. Throw away the excess and make a plan to neatly store the things you need in drawers. Consider drawer inserts to keep small items tidy.


Are those leftovers from the New Year’s Eve party hiding at the back of the fridge? Get rid of them! Remove anything in the fridge that has seen better months (or years), including the bottles in the door. Take a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner and a few paper towels and wipe down the shelves and drawers. Your fridge will sparkle and all the food will be much more appealing.


If you have a habit of heating up open bowls and containers of food in the microwave, you might notice a collection of food debris that has cemented itself to the inside of your microwave. Put a bowl of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar in the microwave on high for five minutes. This will loosen up the gunk. Then you can perform a wipe-down of the stovetop and cabinets. Remember to wipe the top of your microwave, since it hides a lot of dust.


Getting your pantry up to snuff requires a decent amount of thinning-out. Get rid of all the stuff you have no intention of eating, including bags of potato chip crumbs, stale cereal and old bread. Now you can add pantry organization systems. Start with roll-out drawers to make it easy to access the stuff at the back. Install custom shelving to give you a place to store things of a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider customizing with a built-in wine rack or bookshelf for your recipes.


The last thing you want to do is wipe around a bunch of small appliances. Get them up off the counter and into cabinets that are built especially for them. With a wine rack and a custom pantry cabinet for your wine glasses and bartending gear, you will never have to worry about cleaning around a bunch of bottles again.

Your kitchen should be a haven for cooking and entertainment. Once you have achieved these five steps, you can step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.