4 Top Home Improvement Trends

The verdict is in: Desired trends among today’s home buyers include closet space, laundry rooms, and multipurpose rooms, according to the National Association of Home Builders 2018 survey. Send your home’s value soaring by making these popular storage-related home upgrades.


Today’s home buyers want a secure place to store their car. They expect a one- or two-car garage to offer enough storage space for their verhicle(s) plus anything else they wish to store in there. A great way to keep the garage clean and attract buyers looking to maximize the storage space in their homes is through custom garage cabinets.

We recommend cabinets that mount off the floor instead of cabinets that sit on the floor. This way, home owners can easily sweep and mop underneath the cabinets, which keeps the garage clean. To complement garage cabinets, and further keep the floor space free for car storage, add an overhead storage system.


Storage space is in demand all year round – for winter coats and boots, spring and summer sports equipment, and much more. To add value to your home and command a better price, think custom closets. Rather than just offering a large square footage with a token closet rod, custom closets deliver tailor-made storage solutions that make organization easier. A custom closet designer can help you maximize your storage space throughout the home.


The pantry and laundry room tend to attract clutter. You might find you spend more time cleaning up these spaces than you do using them. To nix the clutter, maximize space, and make your home as attractive to buyers as possible, install custom cabinets that truly meet your needs. For a pantry, consider pull-out shelves or custom tall pantry cabinets for cleaning equipment. In the laundry room, try laundry room cabinets that double as hampers or hide a pull-out ironing board.


Instead of making that third bedroom a home office, then putting guests on a lumpy pull-out sofa, make the most of your unused bedroom by turning it into a multi-purpose room. Invest in a Murphy bed that folds out to a bed and converts to a desk for daily use. Stylish, sleek, and comfortable, Murphy beds can help you make the most out of limited space – without sacrificing style.

Want to talk more about any of these in-demand home upgrades? Are you convinced it’s time to move forward and seeking a quote for your home? Contact us –  we would be happy to help!


4 Easy Laundry Room Organization Tips

Do you find yourself putting off doing the laundry because messy piles of unwashed clothes seem too overwhelming? Do you tear around the house looking for a favorite sweater only to find (thirty minutes later) that you left it in the laundry room? By investing in smart laundry room organization, you can reduce wasted time and stress. Start with these easy-to-implement laundry room organization tips.


The first step is to use for white and colored clothing. Then, get all family members into the habit of sorting their dirty laundry by color and placing it inside the appropriate hamper. This will immediately neaten up your laundry room and reduce time spent sorting later. If space allows, you may also want to get a separate hamper for sheets and towels.


Few things are ore frustrating than finding a lone sock in the dryer. Try setting up a lost sock jar to place all loose socks in one accessible place. Next time you do a load of laundry, you may find the missing sock. If you don’t find lost sock mates after a month or so, throw away the lone sock or use it for home cleaning.


Maryland winter weather doesn’t allow you to hang delicates outside to dry. Yet these clothes can shrink if you place them in the dryer, ruining your valuable clothes. Add a wall-mounted laundry room drying bar that allows you to easily hang items to dry without occupying valuable laundry room floor space. Or consider installing a double drying bar so you can store twice the amount of clothing. This way, you can maximize space in a small laundry room and still dry your clothing all year round.


Reduce clutter and improve your home by installing a supply shelf, or shelves, over the washing machine. These shelves are a timely trend in home decor, and will increase your home’s value and attractiveness. You will love storing detergent, dryer sheets, bleach, and more over the washing machine – within easy reach. This will also help keep your laundry room floor clutter-free.

While these laundry room tips can get you started cleaning out clutter in the laundry room, we still know that home organization can be overwhelming. For more tips on implementing simple yet effective organization strategies in all the rooms of our house, contact CornerStone Closets today!

6 Simple Steps to Laundry Room Organization

Laundry room design looks quite different from house to house because everyone has different needs. With these six simple steps you can create laundry room organization that works well for you and takes advantage of the room’s vertical space.


First you should start with a blank slate. Empty the room of everything except heavy equipment and appliances, unless you intend to relocate them. Bag up small items to keep them from getting lost in other rooms. This allows you to see the room as you might build it, with more possibilities to maximize space and efficiency.


In laundry room design, easy access is key to keeping the room orderly. Start by adding some open shelving so that you can grab what you need in a hurry. Place bins on a shelf for clothes that you or the kids no longer wear so you know to either donate or toss them. Remember to fold socks and pin children’s outfits together so the matches do not get lost in the bins.


Now you can add some custom cabinets to fit everything you need from laundry soap to pet gear. Custom cabinets for laundry room organization are ideal because you get precisely the size you need. Do not forget to add a few plastic bins to fit inside the shelves to keep pet food dry and easy access for the kids during chore time.


At this point, you can start thinking of the best small additions to improve efficiency. If you have never had hanging rods in your laundry room, you will be surprised how much they help. Most people hate hanging wrinkled clothes from the dryer. With hanging rods, you can hang up clothes soft and wrinkle-free right as they finish. Take the time to imagine the space as a place where you spend your time, with decorations and music to suit your personality.


Laundry room organization requires a place to work on stains or repairs. With a cleaning area, you have all the materials and solutions you need to remove stains before you wash. Consider laundry cabinets or fold-down tables that allow you a decent workspace.


All you have left is to add a few things to make life simpler. Built-in laundry hampers and ironing boards allow you to manage laundry more readily. Your clothes are already in the room for washing. When you need the ironing board you can pull it down and put it away in a snap when you are done.

The laundry room is one of the busiest rooms in the home. With these steps you can build a laundry room that helps keep your household running efficiently.

Top Three Spaces for Custom Storage

If you’re like most people, you thrive in a neat, organized environment. However, accomplishing the clean home of your dreams is easier said than done. It’s difficult enough to find the time to organize existing clutter, and then you have to stay one step ahead of the mess while juggling work, the kids’ school and errands.

It sounds like you could use some custom storage around the home to tuck away the clutter and help you stay organized from here on out. The trick is to work with a home organization expert to make your dream of an organized home come to fruition. Here are the top three places to consider adding custom home storage.


Closets have a way of overflowing unless you rein them in. Have a closet designer help you figure out how best to organize your belongings in the existing space. The solution may be to add shelves, drawers, hanging rods, accessory hooks, hidden laundry baskets, shoe storage and more.

These additions help you make the most from your closet and allow you to win back space in the bedroom. After all, with enough de-cluttering and additional vertical storage space, you may be able to eliminate the need for a dresser. This consolidates the dressing area to a single spot and frees up square footage in the bedroom for a more open feel.


If you’re struggling with home organization, odds are the garage is one of the dirtiest rooms in your home. Since you don’t actually live in the garage, it feels like a storage area by nature, one you can throw belongings into and forget about. Of course, this mindset backfires if you take it too far.

To clear up floor space in the garage, look into having custom garage cabinets and shelving installed. Tuck paint cans, pesticides, fertilizers and other dangerous chemicals in the cabinets to keep pets and children out of harm’s way. Shelves are ideal for organizing bins of toys, holiday decorations, camping gear and sporting equipment. Your garage storage additions free up space so you have room to park the car.


Americans spend eight hours a week doing laundry and collectively send 35 billion loads of laundry through the wash. Custom laundry room storage is all about maximizing every square foot in the room. Install shelves, cabinets, pull-out hampers and a drop-down ironing board to make the laundry experience more enjoyable each week.

If you’re ready to turn these custom home storage ideas into reality, contact CornerStone Closets today. We have the knowledge and experience to help you organize your home like never before.