3 Secrets to Home Office Organization

Are you able to get as much done in your home office as you would like? A disorganized space hampers productivity, so while it takes some time to de-clutter your office, the effort is well worth it. An organized office is an investment that will pay you back in improved productivity. Here are our three secrets to home office organization you can implement right away:


Are you still holding onto things you don’t need any more? It’s time to think “out with the old, in with the new.” Here’s what you need to do to make more space in your home office:

  • Shred old tax documents that are more than seven years old.
  • Scan documents you need into your computer and shred hard copies.
  • Throw away pens and markers that no longer work.
  • Get rid of little knickknacks sitting on your desk.
  • For a bigger change, throw out your old, inefficient desk and find one that fits the space and satisfies your needs better (here’s where we come in).


Digital files and folders may not take up physical space in your home office, but a cluttered computer definitely hampers productivity. If you decide to scan physical documents into your computer, make sure you organize them into proper folders as you go. Then go into existing folders and delete outdated files you don’t need any more.

Organizing digital files is a great way to speed up your computer. If it seems slower than usual after you organize your files, try defragmenting your hard drive. This helps improve storage efficiency. If your computer is still slower than normal, back up all your files on an external drive and reformat your computer. A fresh install of your operating system will help your computer run faster and better, which is obviously good news for productivity.


If you decide there are some documents you need to keep hard copies of, make it easier to find what you’re looking for by color coding your file drawer. For example, you might put insurance information under the red tab, business receipts under the blue tab and product warranties under the yellow tab. This level of organization keeps your office looking uncluttered and makes it easy to retrieve the files you need right when you need them.

Home office organization can be overwhelming, but with the help of a professional organization company, you can create the perfect custom home office. Contact us for more ideas on how to organize and de-clutter your office.


4 Top Home Improvement Trends

The verdict is in: Desired trends among today’s home buyers include closet space, laundry rooms, and multipurpose rooms, according to the National Association of Home Builders 2018 survey. Send your home’s value soaring by making these popular storage-related home upgrades.


Today’s home buyers want a secure place to store their car. They expect a one- or two-car garage to offer enough storage space for their verhicle(s) plus anything else they wish to store in there. A great way to keep the garage clean and attract buyers looking to maximize the storage space in their homes is through custom garage cabinets.

We recommend cabinets that mount off the floor instead of cabinets that sit on the floor. This way, home owners can easily sweep and mop underneath the cabinets, which keeps the garage clean. To complement garage cabinets, and further keep the floor space free for car storage, add an overhead storage system.


Storage space is in demand all year round – for winter coats and boots, spring and summer sports equipment, and much more. To add value to your home and command a better price, think custom closets. Rather than just offering a large square footage with a token closet rod, custom closets deliver tailor-made storage solutions that make organization easier. A custom closet designer can help you maximize your storage space throughout the home.


The pantry and laundry room tend to attract clutter. You might find you spend more time cleaning up these spaces than you do using them. To nix the clutter, maximize space, and make your home as attractive to buyers as possible, install custom cabinets that truly meet your needs. For a pantry, consider pull-out shelves or custom tall pantry cabinets for cleaning equipment. In the laundry room, try laundry room cabinets that double as hampers or hide a pull-out ironing board.


Instead of making that third bedroom a home office, then putting guests on a lumpy pull-out sofa, make the most of your unused bedroom by turning it into a multi-purpose room. Invest in a Murphy bed that folds out to a bed and converts to a desk for daily use. Stylish, sleek, and comfortable, Murphy beds can help you make the most out of limited space – without sacrificing style.

Want to talk more about any of these in-demand home upgrades? Are you convinced it’s time to move forward and seeking a quote for your home? Contact us –  we would be happy to help!

3 Simple Tricks to Tame your Home Office

Whether you work from home or use your office for more creative tasks, having a comfortable, functional and well-organized space makes all the difference. If you need some help making your home office a more productive serene space, use these simple tricks for home office organization to help you transform it into the room you’ve always wanted.


The first thing you must realize is that your home office needs likely differ from your neighbor’s, so the exact design you create should suit you, not them. For example, you should have a dedicated work table if your home office is the production hub in your home. Multiple workstations are important if two or more people use the office at once. In a home-based business situation, you may need a conference table to hold meetings with your clients.

No matter the specific function your home office serves, you’re likely to have at least one computer, printer, paper shredder among other electronics. You want these to be easily accessible without marring the room’s aesthetics. Home office cabinets are a great solution to hide these eyesores behind beautiful wood doors.


Piles of paper and cluttered work surfaces reduce efficiency and increase distractions. That’s why every home office should have ample storage space for such items. For example, built-in filing cabinets to hold paperwork, and upper wall mounted shelving to maximize vertical storage space. A desk with overhead storage also keeps essentials such as binders, notebooks and extra office supplies close at hand without cluttering up the desk.

As you reorganize and make more room in your home office, you might realize that it’s not the ideal place for everything currently being stored there. While looking into home office solutions, you might also want to add cabinets for garage storage and relocate some of the overflow items into that room.


With your custom office storage system all set up, get the most out of the transformation by putting in all the final finishing touches.

For instance, you should decorate the office to suit your personality. Bring in a desk lamp to ensure sufficient task lighting. Keep a to-do list on hand and set specific work hours you can stick to. Play background music as you work to drown out distractions and help keep yourself relaxed and focused during your workday.

If the idea of transforming your home office sounds intriguing but overwhelming, you don’t have to go it alone! Functional custom home office solutions are closer at hand than you realize. The first step is to contact CornerStone Closets for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!