Three Styles of Garage Storage Systems

Hobbyists, gardeners, do-it-yourselfers, and tool junkies know how the right tool for the job always seems to get lost at the exact moment that you need it most. With these three custom garage storage systems, you never have to search for the perfect tool again – as long as you remember to put every tool back in its place when you finish using it!


Commonly used in retail stores, slatwall panels accommodate hooks, baskets, and other elements that can help you get organized. These wall panels sit flush with the garage wall and allow you to hang pre-fabricated storage elements from the slats.

Slatwall easily accommodates those long-handled yard tools that clutter the corner of your garage, bicycles that take up too much floor space, and coils of rope, extension cords, and many other items. It’s clean, elegant, and attractive looking. If you want the garage to look nice and still be functional and organized, this is a great organizational choice.


Another popular option for garage storage systems, pegboard is inexpensive and can be used to hang nearly anything. Similar to slatwall, It works well over a garage workbench for handheld tools, and can also accommodate long-handled tools like rakes or shovels. Pegboard comes in a full range of colors, so you don’t have to get stuck with boring brown.

Once the pegboard is installed, you can simply slip hooks through the holes in the pegboard and hang your items from these hooks. The weight-bearing capacity of pegboard is lower than that of slatwall, so plan accordingly when determining where to place different garage tools.


For those heavy or bulky items that can’t go on the wall, custom garage shelving is a nice option. Overhead racks allow you to store items out of the way, and work well for bins of seasonal items that you only need to access on occasion. Lower custom garage shelving is the perfect place to store leftover paint, old jars of nuts and bolts, and other little things that you want to have easy access to and cannot hang on the wall. The best shelving arrangements work with slatwall and pegboard to open up your access to tools, reduce clutter, and keep the garage floor free.

Mix and match these three styles of garage storage systems to create the perfect place for all of your items. Consider working with a professional garage storage company who can plan, design, and implement the project from start to finish. When it’s all done, you’ll love how everything is clean, organized and easy to reach – and how much more floor space you have in the garage.


The Best Custom Garage Storage Systems

There are a lot of options for garage storage out there, but how do you know which one is the smartest? When you shop for the best custom garage storage systems, you should keep in mind that it is highly subjective. The right system is one that is not only built well, but allows you to do what you want in your garage, while you spend a minimal amount of time staying organized.


The problem with garden-variety garage storage is that it usually does not give you a place to put everything you have. That is the biggest difference between custom garage storage and the build-it-yourself kits you buy at the store. With the latter, if you have some pieces of outsized equipment, like skis, you are out of luck. It really is important to have a place for everything in your custom garage storage scheme. If you do, you will enjoy a garage that can be easily kept completely clean and organized.


Smart garage storage is not just tidy, it is also easy to use. You can put things away just as you imagine using them. Garage organization experts can help you design a garage cabinet system that makes reaching the items you use on a daily basis simple to grab in a hurry. They can help you prioritize your possessions to put the things you will need infrequently on higher shelves or in overhead garage storage. The ultimate result is less time spent hunting for a tool or trying to put things away.


The point of custom storage is to give you the garage cabinets and other systems that work for you. You may need a workspace to build furniture or fix up old cars. The right garage storage system will give you all the space you need for the things you want to do. No more wasting space on organization that suits someone else’s needs.


The words “custom” and “built to last” often go hand in hand for a very good reason. You need garage storage that will last as long as you intend to live in the home. Smart storage is tailored to your current needs, but also flexible enough to grow with you and your family. With quality materials and craftsmanship, you can get cabinets, slatwall and overhead storage that will take all you can put on them and are still ready for years of use.

As it turns out, discovering the smartest garage storage system is a snap. When you put your home’s specific needs first, you can find a system that is designed to work for you without having to compromise on organization or quality.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Garage Storage System

It’s fall y’all, and with it comes the dawning realization that something is very wrong with your garage. Piles of boxes and loose household items are strewn from one end to the other. You may not need any convincing that garage organization is a practical investment for your sanity. However, these three reasons also show you adding custom garage storage systems actually make your life better.


You already know that you need to get a handle on the clutter in your home. Many people use the garage as the catch-all place to put everything else that does not have a home. With garage storage cabinets, voilà, everything will now have a home. Most garage storage options take advantage of the walls, and even the ceiling for maximum efficiency. Cabinets give you a place to put pet food, gardening supplies and sports equipment. Add shelving for bins you would like to reach quickly. Consider slatwall storage- panels with slats to place hooks and other accessories- as a handy place to put yard tools and even bikes. Do not forget about your ceiling. Install overhead storage to give you a great spot for seasonal decorations and other lightweight items.


With all the clutter put away, you can see how beautifully empty your garage floor looks. Is it not a sight to behold? Now you can fulfill a part of the American dream that includes enjoying your garage while you still have a place to park your car. No longer do you have to worry about a cascade of toys, balls and kids’ scooters falling when you move your car. Instead, you will have effective garage wall storage systems that give you plenty of room to park one or even two cars, with more space to get in and out.


When you walk by the homes of your neighbors, you can tell which ones are proud of their garages. They are happy to leave the garage door open on a sunny day to enjoy the nice weather. Do you yearn to be one of them? Give your home the curb appeal it deserves. You will appreciate a decent improvement on your home’s resale value by making your garage look tightly organized and professional. In this way, you realize that garage organization systems are more than just an expense. They are a monetary investment that will absolutely pay off for everyone who takes advantage of them.

When you take the time to consider a garage organization system, you have nothing to lose but clutter and frustration. Garage organization gives your garage back to you, with a nice increase in your home value to boot. It is not hard to weigh out the cost of a new garage storage system against the benefits you get from it. Your satisfaction in your home is worth it.


Is an overhead garage system the right solution for you?

Even the most organized garage storage system could probably stand to get a little better. When you look up, do you see a blank ceiling? If so, you need to learn how overhead storage may solve many of your garage organization problems. With overhead garage storage, you can cut the clutter on your garage floor, create a solution that is easy to operate, and have the entire system installed in an afternoon.


While you most likely have some heavy pieces of equipment that you need to store in the garage, that is probably not all you store in there. If you created a list of all the categories of your garage storage, you would find a number of things that are lightweight but bulky. These include sports equipment, outerwear, camping gear, holiday decorations and more. You typically do not put these things on the walls because they do not fit well in shelving or bins, unless your storage options are particularly large. Those possessions are perfect to store in overhead storage, because their use is seasonal and they do not weigh much. When you put them overhead, you free up much more space on the floor.


If you imagine that overhead storage will be impossible to manage, you would be surprised to learn how easy it actually is. You can select from overhead garage storage systems that are operated by hand, and those that are motorized. They can be raised and lowered with hand-crank cables and a pulley system. You lower them and remove the items you would like to reach. At the same time, you can add out-of-season gear and then raise the storage back up. No more hurting your back from trying to access out-of-reach storage.


There are kits for overhead storage that purport to be very effective and easy to install on your own. However, of the many things you might choose to do with your garage, installing overhead storage is something you want to have done by a professional. The system will not be easy to use if you install it incorrectly, and it could be unsafe if you have not secured it properly. Consider it an investment in your happiness. Experts usually only need a couple of hours to perform a full installation, even for a complex system. In a morning or afternoon, you could dramatically expand your garage’s available storage.

You may have been searching for the solution to your garage storage concerns, while the answer sits above your head. When you add overhead garage storage systems to your lineup, you get a plan that makes neatness both easy and effective.

Garage Spring Cleaning Guide

If you used your garage as a dumping zone all winter long, it’s probably looking pretty sad by now. With the weather warming up, it’s time to gut the garage and make it a more functional, organized space for outdoor spring and summer activities. Use this easy spring cleaning guide to help you get going.


Tools, sporting equipment, bikes, gardening supplies, seasonal decorations – it’s all a bit much to take in. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by how much junk you have crammed into the garage, empty everything onto the driveway and take inventory.

Place items you use regularly into the “Keep” pile. Outdated fertilizers, broken flower pots, malfunctioning tools and mismatched parts belong in the “Toss” pile. As for the items you haven’t used in years, but that are still in good shape, put them in the “Sell/Donate” pile.

While the garage is still empty, take time to dust shelves, wipe out drawers and sweep the floor. If the old, gray cement floor has seen better days, consider installing a new floor coating to improve aesthetics and help you enjoy spending time in the garage more.


If you don’t have an organized way to store your tools, this is the time to invest in a wall organizer with magnets or hooks. This type of setup makes it easy to see all your tools without digging through a messy toolbox. The setup remains organized because every tool has its place, and the workspace remains uncluttered because the tools are stored on the wall.

You can get hooks for far more than just your tools. Hang bikes, rakes, storage baskets and sporting equipment on the wall with specially designed hooks.


Take measurements of the walls and decide if you can fit built-in garage shelves and custom garage cabinets alongside your car. These are the ultimate storage solutions, allowing you to stack labeled bins for organization and easy access. Cabinets come with or without doors to let you customize the look and functionality of the garage.

If you feel short on space, remember you can always utilize garage overhead storage for lesser-used items. By storing holiday décor, spare tires and other items you don’t use very often up high, you free up prime storage real estate within arm’s reach for items you use more regularly.

You might have dreams of a clean, organized garage, but without a little guidance, you might be unsure of what you really want. At CornerStone Closets, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you in your spring cleaning and garage organization goals. Contact us today to get started!

Top Three Spaces for Custom Storage

If you’re like most people, you thrive in a neat, organized environment. However, accomplishing the clean home of your dreams is easier said than done. It’s difficult enough to find the time to organize existing clutter, and then you have to stay one step ahead of the mess while juggling work, the kids’ school and errands.

It sounds like you could use some custom storage around the home to tuck away the clutter and help you stay organized from here on out. The trick is to work with a home organization expert to make your dream of an organized home come to fruition. Here are the top three places to consider adding custom home storage.


Closets have a way of overflowing unless you rein them in. Have a closet designer help you figure out how best to organize your belongings in the existing space. The solution may be to add shelves, drawers, hanging rods, accessory hooks, hidden laundry baskets, shoe storage and more.

These additions help you make the most from your closet and allow you to win back space in the bedroom. After all, with enough de-cluttering and additional vertical storage space, you may be able to eliminate the need for a dresser. This consolidates the dressing area to a single spot and frees up square footage in the bedroom for a more open feel.


If you’re struggling with home organization, odds are the garage is one of the dirtiest rooms in your home. Since you don’t actually live in the garage, it feels like a storage area by nature, one you can throw belongings into and forget about. Of course, this mindset backfires if you take it too far.

To clear up floor space in the garage, look into having custom garage cabinets and shelving installed. Tuck paint cans, pesticides, fertilizers and other dangerous chemicals in the cabinets to keep pets and children out of harm’s way. Shelves are ideal for organizing bins of toys, holiday decorations, camping gear and sporting equipment. Your garage storage additions free up space so you have room to park the car.


Americans spend eight hours a week doing laundry and collectively send 35 billion loads of laundry through the wash. Custom laundry room storage is all about maximizing every square foot in the room. Install shelves, cabinets, pull-out hampers and a drop-down ironing board to make the laundry experience more enjoyable each week.

If you’re ready to turn these custom home storage ideas into reality, contact CornerStone Closets today. We have the knowledge and experience to help you organize your home like never before.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

If your garage is taking over your life with its disorganized clutter, now is a great time to get it organized – once and for all. With these five garage storage tips, you can reduce excess, organize all your equipment and tools and create an attractive garage storage system that makes your garage the envy of your neighbors.


The first part is the hardest for some, sorting through all the clutter. To avoid getting overwhelmed, set aside some space to put like items, such as  sports gear, yard equipment and tools. Be sure to create piles for things to toss or donate, as well as possessions that should go elsewhere in the home. Once you have removed all the excess, you can start making a list of things that will require shelving and custom garage cabinets.


At this point, you can start to shift the piles of like things into the places where you would ultimately like to keep them. Remember that the heavier the item, generally the lower you should place it. Create divisions between piles that will suit the way you use them. For example, you may choose to divide outdoor gear into summer and winter equipment, or divide it by toys and clothing.


With clear divisions for all the stuff you want to store, you may now start to build the custom garage storage that works best for you. Shelving is useful for bulky items or things that you need to reach quickly. Custom cabinets allow you to hide valuable possessions and provide you with more options for organizing smaller items, including hanging tools and drawers.


The best garage storage systems use a combination of organizers to keep your stuff in line. While you love your garage cabinets, you may also enjoy using Slat Wall storage for large yard tools and other equipment. Slat Wall involves panels with slats that you can use to easily slide in hooks, racks and even shelving. The panels are very sturdy, which means you can use Slat Wall to hang ladders and shovels, or create a space to organize your skis and outdoor equipment.


The last frontier in the garage is the ceiling, and you are probably not using it to the full extent. Lightweight equipment is perfect for overhead storage that hangs from the joists in the garage ceiling. That makes the ceiling an excellent place to shift out-of-season holiday decorations or sports equipment. That way, the equipment is out of your way for most of the year.

Everybody wants a garage that is neat and professional. After completing these five steps, you will enjoy custom garage cabinets and storage solutions that take advantage of available space, help you stay organized and simplify your life.  If you’d like us to help you with getting your garage in order, visit us at today to set up your free in-home consultation.