Three Clever Tricks to Maximize Your Closet

One of the best parts about getting a custom closet system is that you get to choose exactly how you want your closet to look and the functionality you need. Your needs are at the forefront of the closet design process, so think outside the box (or, really, outside of the clothes rod) as you make plans. Consider putting these three clever tricks to use so you can maximize your space.


Your custom closet doesn’t have to be only for hanging clothes and open shelving. You can also include dresser drawers in your design, which help you easily store unmentionables while keeping your closet looking tidy. Many people like the setup of having a dresser in the lower part of the closet so you can easily see into the drawers, with hanging space above it to keep these clothes at eye-level. Including a dresser in your closet is an especially useful trick if you have a small bedroom. The reach-in closet dresser frees up floor space in your bedroom and makes it feel more open and spacious.


Big drawers aren’t the right place to store small items that will get all mixed together and impossible to find. Instead, make use of accessory dividers in your closet system to create tailor-made spaces for the accessories you want to keep close at hand. Use accessory dividers to help you neatly organize small items like jewelry and hair accessories. You can also use larger dividers to create “shoe boxes” within a drawer so you can organize your shoes and keep each pair together in a tidy space.


A design might look great on paper, but if you end up storing your most frequently used items out of reach, you’re doing it all wrong. As you plan your custom closet design, figure out how you can keep your in-season wardrobe and accessories right in front of you so they’re easy to see and grab. The items you use every day should be at eye level so you don’t have to bend down or dig for them. If you open your closet and all your favorite things are right there in front of you, deciding what to wear will be more fun than ever.

Now is the time to craft the perfect custom closet for your life and your wardrobe. The ultimate goal is to have a closet that looks and feels organized, and that’s simple for you to use to find the things you need quickly and easily.


DIY vs Professional Closet Design

Making the most of your closet space helps you maintain a more organized and peaceful home. If you are looking into a custom closet storage, you can either create a DIY closet or hire a closet designer to install your closet system. As you evaluate which is the better option, consider several factors before making your choice.

Although closet storage may seem like a simple project, it can become a bigger commitment than you thought. Also, be aware that DIY closets typically use tall boards for the frames, and these panels may be difficult to maneuver without arranging for someone to help you. If you use a custom closet company, the installers can often complete your project within a day, without you having to lift a finger.


There’s a wide range of potential costs for DIY closets, depending on whether you start with raw materials or use a high-end closet kit, which can actually cost just as much as a custom closet system. If you opt for a DIY closet, remember that the pieces may not be as durable, so you could end up shelling out more money later to repair or replace them.


You probably haven’t designed a closet before, so you’re almost always better off using a professional closet designer. They understand your space and can make the most of it through utilizing corners, putting in the right amount of aisle clearance, and helping you choose the appropriate hanging and shelving setup. You are always welcome to share your design ideas throughout the process, too.


Your DIY closet may take several days to install, especially if you aren’t experienced with this type of project. Professionals work much more quickly, completing the project in just a day or two. Plus, when you use a custom closet company, you can rest assured that the storage is properly installed and anchored, and that your clothing rods will hold the weight of your clothing.


When you are making a DIY closet, you have lots of materials at your disposal. However, these materials often aren’t tailored specifically for closets unless you get a DIY kit, which can have limited colors and finishes. Custom closets can be constructed in a wide range of colors and finishes, and all the materials are high quality and typically include warranties so you have piece of mind.


While DIY closets may seem like the better choice because of their lower upfront price, you should also factor in the design process, time to install, and cost of future repairs, which all add to the emotional or financial cost. In many cases, contacting a custom closet company and getting an in-house estimate from a closet designer is your best first step, and many people find that professionally designed and installed custom closets are the better route for them.

Reach-in Closets Deserve Love Too!

Smaller closets deserve a little extra love. Even if you do not have the room for a large walk-in closet, you can still maximize your storage space. Reach-in closets offer all the custom options of walk-in closets with some unexpected benefits. The smaller the space, the less work you have to do to organize, and the easier everything is to access. A custom reach-in closet also makes some serious bank at resale time.


Just like a walk-in closet, reach-in closets are almost infinitely customizable. You can get exactly what you want, and maximize every inch of space. If you have a lot of clothes to hang, you can easily add a second or in some cases, even a third hanging rod. Adjustable shelves make it easy to change shelving height to accommodate everything you need. Consider built-in drawers to hold folded clothes and smaller items. You can even put in jewelry trays to keep your jewelry and small accessories separate and easy to find.


No matter the size of your closet, organization simplifies your entire life. No more searching through bins and loose baskets for what you need. It also simplifies the process of putting things away. If you know exactly where everything should go and you have the perfect spot for all of it, you are less likely to procrastinate when it comes time to do laundry and tidy your room.


Organizing a smaller closet really makes you think about what you have and why you keep it. In truth, people only wear about 20 percent of what they own 80 percent of the time. With custom closet storage options, you can have your things easily accessible. Put the clothes you wear on a regular basis at eye level and right within reach. For items that you do not use as often, you can decide whether infrequent use is good enough or if it is time to sell or donate them.


Custom storage is always a plus when it comes time to sell your home. As an added benefit, custom reach-in closet makeovers are one of the latest design trends to save space and maximize value. Prospective homebuyers will see how the custom storage is designed to use every inch of your closets. That makes them more likely to buy your home, and bid higher when they do.

No walk-in closet? No problem! A pleasantly organized reach-in closet is just what you need. From customizability to resale value, your custom reach-in closet will keep your home neater and more beautiful. You will also enjoy the reduced stress and time you have since everything is now so easy to find.  If you’re ready to customize your small closets, contact us for a free estimate today!

4 Top Home Improvement Trends

The verdict is in: Desired trends among today’s home buyers include closet space, laundry rooms, and multipurpose rooms, according to the National Association of Home Builders 2018 survey. Send your home’s value soaring by making these popular storage-related home upgrades.


Today’s home buyers want a secure place to store their car. They expect a one- or two-car garage to offer enough storage space for their verhicle(s) plus anything else they wish to store in there. A great way to keep the garage clean and attract buyers looking to maximize the storage space in their homes is through custom garage cabinets.

We recommend cabinets that mount off the floor instead of cabinets that sit on the floor. This way, home owners can easily sweep and mop underneath the cabinets, which keeps the garage clean. To complement garage cabinets, and further keep the floor space free for car storage, add an overhead storage system.


Storage space is in demand all year round – for winter coats and boots, spring and summer sports equipment, and much more. To add value to your home and command a better price, think custom closets. Rather than just offering a large square footage with a token closet rod, custom closets deliver tailor-made storage solutions that make organization easier. A custom closet designer can help you maximize your storage space throughout the home.


The pantry and laundry room tend to attract clutter. You might find you spend more time cleaning up these spaces than you do using them. To nix the clutter, maximize space, and make your home as attractive to buyers as possible, install custom cabinets that truly meet your needs. For a pantry, consider pull-out shelves or custom tall pantry cabinets for cleaning equipment. In the laundry room, try laundry room cabinets that double as hampers or hide a pull-out ironing board.


Instead of making that third bedroom a home office, then putting guests on a lumpy pull-out sofa, make the most of your unused bedroom by turning it into a multi-purpose room. Invest in a Murphy bed that folds out to a bed and converts to a desk for daily use. Stylish, sleek, and comfortable, Murphy beds can help you make the most out of limited space – without sacrificing style.

Want to talk more about any of these in-demand home upgrades? Are you convinced it’s time to move forward and seeking a quote for your home? Contact us –  we would be happy to help!

Clear the Clutter: 3 Steps to an Organized Closet

The closet is a place to store items behind closed doors, but unfortunately this often means the space becomes a disorganized mess in dire need of some TLC. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed every time you open the closet door, use these quick closet organization tricks to tame the mess. You’ll feel more relaxed and enjoy a much more productive closet space once you do.


The first step to getting an organized closet is to remove all of the items you have stored there. As you remove belongings one by one from hanging rods and shelves, place them in one of five piles:

  • The discard pile is for anything torn, stained or otherwise damaged beyond repair. It’s not worth letting these items take up space in your closet.
  • The dry clean pile is for sensitive fabrics that require special cleaning. Take in all your dry cleaning at once to prevent the need to take multiple trips.
  • The mend pile is for any clothes you want to keep, but that need a little attention. Take these clothes to the sewing machine and patch them up before returning them to the closet.
  • The donate pile is for gently used clothes and shoes you have either outgrown or no longer wear. If you recently lost a lot of weight, donating oversized clothes helps prevent future weight gain.
  • The keep pile is for everything else, though some items may need to be relocated to a different spot in the house.


Organizing a closet takes time, and you may not have several hours to spare on a single day. Pace yourself to make the project more manageable. As a rule, you might spend 15 minutes every day sorting through one corner of the closet. You’ll have all the items that don’t belong sorted out in just a few days.


Now, while the closet is empty, is the perfect time to design and install a custom closet system. Closet system features offer many benefits. First of all, creating an organized space helps ease your stress every time you open the closet door. Getting ready in the morning becomes a breeze when you can easily reach everything you need. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your home, an organized closet storage system is a great selling point.

If you need help implementing these closet organization ideas, please request a free quote from CornerStone Closets. Our designers have the experience necessary to design a custom closet perfect for your needs, regardless of the closet’s size. Need a do-over for a small reach-in closet? Have big plans for an expansive walk-in closet? We can do it all!

Maximize Your Reach In Closet

Do you feel discouraged every time you open your closet? If belongings spill out when you open the door, you may find yourself wishing you had a larger space to store things. However, even if you don’t have a large walk-in closet, you can still use custom closet designs to maximize your small reach-in closet. Here are a few to get you started:


Every inch of space, all the way up to the ceiling, is valuable real estate you could be utilizing better. For instance, start by installing shelving at the top of the closet to store lesser-used items, such as seasonal clothing. Colorful bins add visual appeal while still being fully functional.

Then, look down toward the floor. Instead of piling your shoes haphazardly, install pull-out wire baskets near floor level. This allows you to easily access whatever you decide to store in the bins, from shoes to in-season outerwear.

Finally, if the ceiling is more than 9 feet high, install a third hanging rod. The ability to hang an extra row of clothes makes your small closet feel much larger.


When you can see all of your accessories at a glance, it’s easier to get ready in the morning. Add a closet system that facilitates this small closet idea. For example:

  • Mini jewelry trays keep your earrings and necklaces organized yet visible
  • Pull-out belt and tie racks tuck away when they’re not needed, but allow you to easily sort through your options and choose the best accessories for your outfit
  • Sliding wire baskets give you a preview before you open them, saving you time in the morning
  • Open shelving is the perfect place to display purses and shoes with pride


Small closets tend to be limited to shelves and hanging rods, but the addition of drawers lets you store folded sweaters, pajamas, undergarments and pants. Custom cabinets also provide a place to store items you want out of sight, yet close at hand.


If your closet currently has a traditional swinging or bi-fold door, this could be a good time to change it out for a sliding door. This alternative is a great space saver, since it doesn’t swing outward into the room. You also have versatile design options, such as using mirrored doors to make the room seem more spacious.


If you’re seeking a professional to help you implement these small closet ideas, please request a free quote from CornerStone Closets. Our closet designers can help make your vision a reality.

Top Trending Custom Closet Ideas

If you like to keep on top of the hottest trends, you probably have a stylish wardrobe. But where do you store your maxi dresses and skinny jeans? If you don’t keep up with the latest closet trends, your high-fashion clothes could be languishing in a less-than-ideal storage space. It’s time to design a custom closet worthy of your high fashion sense.


A walk-in closet is the ideal space to store clothes, shoes and accessories, – but does your current walk-in closet allow you to maximize the space? You need a well-organized closet – from top to bottom and wall to wall – if you want to make the best use of every inch.

Today’s luxury walk-in closets are an intimate space for two: the perfect place to plan what to wear for the day. Rich wood colors and two-tone finishes appeal to both his and her tastes. Luxury walk-in closets are filled with accessories galore:

  • Hidden hampers that prevent dirty clothes from being the center of attention.
  • Wall-mounted mirrors so you check out your ensemble.
  • Pull-out ironing boards facilitate last-minute wrinkle removal while remaining tucked away when not in use.
  • Slide-out jewelry trays organize and display necklaces and earrings.
  • Pull-down wardrobe rods grant easy access to items stored up high.
  • Closet islands offer additional storage space and a place to set out clothes for the next morning.


Even if you have a smaller space to work with, you can still keep everything organized and within reach as long as you employ a custom closet design. Some ideas include:

  • Install a built-in dresser to store folded items and free up floor space in the bedroom itself.
  • Upgrade to adjustable rods for flexibility when storing clothes on hangers.
  • Make use of accessory storage items to maximize space. These include tie and belt racks, jewelry trays, and slide-out baskets.


Sometimes you need a place to store clothes or extra bedding in rooms without a built-in closet. A wardrobe is the perfect solution. Tailor-made wardrobe closets are tall and sleek. Glass doors and beautiful woord finishes add beauty to the room when the wardrobe is closed while allowing for excellent functionality whenever you reach inside for something.

Taking advantage of the top trending custom closet ideas isn’t usually a do-it-yourself job. For help achieving the best finished results possible, consult with a closet designer from CornerStone Closets today.

We offer free consultations with an experienced closet designer to help you pinpoint the ideal organization system based on your needs and the available space. Contact us today to get started!