Garage Spring Cleaning Guide

If you used your garage as a dumping zone all winter long, it’s probably looking pretty sad by now. With the weather warming up, it’s time to gut the garage and make it a more functional, organized space for outdoor spring and summer activities. Use this easy spring cleaning guide to help you get going.


Tools, sporting equipment, bikes, gardening supplies, seasonal decorations – it’s all a bit much to take in. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by how much junk you have crammed into the garage, empty everything onto the driveway and take inventory.

Place items you use regularly into the “Keep” pile. Outdated fertilizers, broken flower pots, malfunctioning tools and mismatched parts belong in the “Toss” pile. As for the items you haven’t used in years, but that are still in good shape, put them in the “Sell/Donate” pile.

While the garage is still empty, take time to dust shelves, wipe out drawers and sweep the floor. If the old, gray cement floor has seen better days, consider installing a new floor coating to improve aesthetics and help you enjoy spending time in the garage more.


If you don’t have an organized way to store your tools, this is the time to invest in a wall organizer with magnets or hooks. This type of setup makes it easy to see all your tools without digging through a messy toolbox. The setup remains organized because every tool has its place, and the workspace remains uncluttered because the tools are stored on the wall.

You can get hooks for far more than just your tools. Hang bikes, rakes, storage baskets and sporting equipment on the wall with specially designed hooks.


Take measurements of the walls and decide if you can fit built-in garage shelves and custom garage cabinets alongside your car. These are the ultimate storage solutions, allowing you to stack labeled bins for organization and easy access. Cabinets come with or without doors to let you customize the look and functionality of the garage.

If you feel short on space, remember you can always utilize garage overhead storage for lesser-used items. By storing holiday décor, spare tires and other items you don’t use very often up high, you free up prime storage real estate within arm’s reach for items you use more regularly.

You might have dreams of a clean, organized garage, but without a little guidance, you might be unsure of what you really want. At CornerStone Closets, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you in your spring cleaning and garage organization goals. Contact us today to get started!


Six Options for an Organized Closet

Your walk-in closet is a valuable and very important part of your home.  The key is to be certain that you have the correct closet storage solutions for you. The closet should be able to store not only your hanging items, but also your shoes, accessories and other important items.  It is important to efficiently use the space available to you in your closet.  To arrange for a free in home consultation please call 410-980-9508. CornerStone Closets and More LLC services the majority of the Maryland area including:  Ellicott City, Columbia, Clarksville, Annapolis, Bel Air, Reisterstown, Fulton, and Upper Marlboro, as well as many other areas.


Add beauty and style to your walk in closet, as well as versatility of function, by adding these beautiful and functional shelves which allow you to store sweaters and other items in an accessible and lovely area.  By adjusting the height of these shelves you will be able to better store such items as:  purses, baskets, etc.


There are some items that are more properly suited to being stored in drawers, and with the different drawer depths available, you will be able to have not only easier access but a less cluttered look.  Shallow drawers are an ideal way to organize jewelry, belts, ties and socks without taking up much space. Deeper drawers are best suited for undershirts, linens and other slightly bulkier items.


These rods allow access to the clothing that needs to be hung on hangers.  By placing these rods at varying heights, once again allows a more efficient use of space,  A double hanging unit allows you to hang shirts and pants.  While dresses and suits may need more room.


Considered by many to be the most important accessory, these rods allow you a place to hang the clothes that you are packing for a trip, which makes packing so much easier.  It is also a great for allowing you to co-ordinate the outfit that you are going to wear the next morning or later that evening.


There are several options available for storing shoes.  The angled shelf allows for a more improved visual access.  You can also choose to use cubbies or simply an adjustable shelf. Please consult your closet designer to help figure out what the best option is for you.  To arrange for your free consultation with a designer please call 410-980-9508.


Dirty clothes do not need to be an eyesore in your walk-in closet. Install a hidden hamper that pivots out on the back of a cabinet door, and you will be able to hide those clothes from view. This allows for easy accessibility on laundry day while keeping dirty clothes hidden the rest of the time.

If you’re ready to turn these ideas into reality, contact CornerStone Closets in Baltimore and other Maryland areas today. Our experienced closet designers have the knowledge and experience to make your dream of an organized closet come to fruition!


6 Simple Steps to Laundry Room Organization

Laundry room design looks quite different from house to house because everyone has different needs. With these six simple steps you can create laundry room organization that works well for you and takes advantage of the room’s vertical space.


First you should start with a blank slate. Empty the room of everything except heavy equipment and appliances, unless you intend to relocate them. Bag up small items to keep them from getting lost in other rooms. This allows you to see the room as you might build it, with more possibilities to maximize space and efficiency.


In laundry room design, easy access is key to keeping the room orderly. Start by adding some open shelving so that you can grab what you need in a hurry. Place bins on a shelf for clothes that you or the kids no longer wear so you know to either donate or toss them. Remember to fold socks and pin children’s outfits together so the matches do not get lost in the bins.


Now you can add some custom cabinets to fit everything you need from laundry soap to pet gear. Custom cabinets for laundry room organization are ideal because you get precisely the size you need. Do not forget to add a few plastic bins to fit inside the shelves to keep pet food dry and easy access for the kids during chore time.


At this point, you can start thinking of the best small additions to improve efficiency. If you have never had hanging rods in your laundry room, you will be surprised how much they help. Most people hate hanging wrinkled clothes from the dryer. With hanging rods, you can hang up clothes soft and wrinkle-free right as they finish. Take the time to imagine the space as a place where you spend your time, with decorations and music to suit your personality.


Laundry room organization requires a place to work on stains or repairs. With a cleaning area, you have all the materials and solutions you need to remove stains before you wash. Consider laundry cabinets or fold-down tables that allow you a decent workspace.


All you have left is to add a few things to make life simpler. Built-in laundry hampers and ironing boards allow you to manage laundry more readily. Your clothes are already in the room for washing. When you need the ironing board you can pull it down and put it away in a snap when you are done.

The laundry room is one of the busiest rooms in the home. With these steps you can build a laundry room that helps keep your household running efficiently.