3 Garage Cabinet Questions To Think About

If you have a garage, then you know how easy is it to simply store things in there that you do not have space for in your home. Over time, it is far too easy for these items to take over the garage and even prevent you from placing your car inside. To conquer garage clutter, you will need garage cabinets. Here are three questions to ask yourself before you invest in garage cabinets, to ensure you make the right decision on garage cabinet installation.


There are many styles of garage cabinets, from small cabinets designed to mount under a workbench to tall cabinets that offer vertical storage space. Before you pick out your cabinets, it is important to consider the size of your garage and what style of cabinet you can accommodate.

Garage cabinets come in a range of standard depths of 16″-24″ deep for lower cabinets, 12″ deep for wall-mounted cabinets, and 16″-24″ deep for tall cabinets. Typical cabinet widths are 24”, 36”, and 48”. Tall garage cabinets generally range in height from: 84”-96” while lower cabinets are usually 34.5″ tall. Wall-mounted cabinets come in the widest range of heights, with sizes from 12″ to 42″ available.


While you can hang garage cabinets yourself, it takes a lot of time to measure, prepare for, and install cabinets. Add the time spent putting together cabinets and you are looking at a week off work, or months’ worth of weekend days. Is this really a valuable investment of your time just to save costs?


Accuracy is key when it comes to mounting cabinets. If you do not mount them evenly, they will look funny. If hardware is not securely and evenly attached, cabinet doors can fall off. After all the time you spent, your cabinets can fall apart in months if you lack precision, attention to detail, and home repair skills. If you have not built furniture or cabinets before, you will struggle mightily to perform the installation properly, and may fail.

Unless you happen to be an expert carpenter, your best bet is hiring someone to build and install garage cabinets for you. Trying to do it alone will cause you severe stress and may result in poorly hung cabinets that do not meet your storage needs. It’s simple to request a free Baltimore garage cabinet installation quote and find out how affordable the garage cabinets could be.

Three Clever Tricks to Maximize Your Closet

One of the best parts about getting a custom closet system is that you get to choose exactly how you want your closet to look and the functionality you need. Your needs are at the forefront of the closet design process, so think outside the box (or, really, outside of the clothes rod) as you make plans. Consider putting these three clever tricks to use so you can maximize your space.


Your custom closet doesn’t have to be only for hanging clothes and open shelving. You can also include dresser drawers in your design, which help you easily store unmentionables while keeping your closet looking tidy. Many people like the setup of having a dresser in the lower part of the closet so you can easily see into the drawers, with hanging space above it to keep these clothes at eye-level. Including a dresser in your closet is an especially useful trick if you have a small bedroom. The reach-in closet dresser frees up floor space in your bedroom and makes it feel more open and spacious.


Big drawers aren’t the right place to store small items that will get all mixed together and impossible to find. Instead, make use of accessory dividers in your closet system to create tailor-made spaces for the accessories you want to keep close at hand. Use accessory dividers to help you neatly organize small items like jewelry and hair accessories. You can also use larger dividers to create “shoe boxes” within a drawer so you can organize your shoes and keep each pair together in a tidy space.


A design might look great on paper, but if you end up storing your most frequently used items out of reach, you’re doing it all wrong. As you plan your custom closet design, figure out how you can keep your in-season wardrobe and accessories right in front of you so they’re easy to see and grab. The items you use every day should be at eye level so you don’t have to bend down or dig for them. If you open your closet and all your favorite things are right there in front of you, deciding what to wear will be more fun than ever.

Now is the time to craft the perfect custom closet for your life and your wardrobe. The ultimate goal is to have a closet that looks and feels organized, and that’s simple for you to use to find the things you need quickly and easily.

A More Convenient Way to Host Guests

Need a good place for house guests to sleep when they visit? You don’t have to turn friends and family away just because you don’t have a guest room – simply install a Murphy bed and your guests are all set! Sound too good to be true? Here are five Murphy bed benefits that will help you understand why Murphy beds are making a comeback.


There are many styles of Murphy beds to choose from with features that make it a great decorative addition to any room. You might choose a version with sliding bookshelves that completely camouflage the bed, or faux cabinet doors that make the folded-up bed look like a beautiful, modern armoire.

Some Murphy beds even have features that increase functionality when the bed isn’t in use. For example, some Murphy beds come with a fold-down desk or side shelves and cabinets you can store items in to de-clutter the room.


If you need a place for guests to sleep only a few weeks out of the year, it’s a waste to dedicate an entire room to this purpose. That’s where a Murphy bed comes in. Install one in your craft room, office, gym or playroom and give your guests a place to stay when they need it. Then when your guests go home, you can return to using the room productively for the rest of the year.


You know that old futon from your college days? It worked as a makeshift bed when you were younger, but unless your guests are under 30, they probably hate sleeping on it. Murphy beds are much more comfortable than futons and are sure to provide a better night’s sleep for your house guests.


Getting a Murphy bed ready for your guests is easy. A spring-balanced mechanism makes the transition from folded to unfolded a breeze, even for a single person setting up a large queen-size Murphy bed. Plus, built-in bedding straps and pillow storage compartments available with some versions mean you don’t have to remake the bed every night.


If you’re interested in renting out your home, or even individual rooms, Murphy beds are an excellent space-saving solution. The person who rents your home will feel like they have plenty of space when they fold the bed up and out of the way during the day.

With these Murphy bed benefits in mind, come explore our modern Murphy bed styles and contact us for a free Baltimore Murphy bed installation quote.

Reclaim Your Garage This Summer

As the weather starts to heat up and you begin to spend much more time outside, you may realize that you have a problem. The garage is a mess and you can’t find anything you are looking for. When you maximize your garage storage, you can turn your garage into a workspace for DIY projects, and even have space for your car.


One of the best times to start going through your excess is when the weather turns warm. You can open the garage door and move things outside to really see what’s stored in there. Invest the time to have a heart-to-heart with yourself and your stuff. Just because you like something does not mean you need it or use it. Perform a quick sort of the items in your garage into three piles: things you know you need, stuff that you can get rid of, and the items in-between. For the last group, recognize that if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably won’t use it in the future.


Most homeowners are not taking advantage of all the available space on their walls. If this includes you, you might think about custom garage cabinets to provide you with plenty of room for almost any kind of item you could think to store. Custom garage cabinets are sturdy and built to suit your needs. They also give your garage a very professional, chic style. Since you can specify the kind of cabinets you want, with the perfect height and depth, you could store skis, snowboards, shovels, sleds, and much more.


You have many other storage options that are designed to work well with your garage cabinets, such as utility hooks or wall panels. Hooks are specially designed to hold equipment that might not fit very well in cabinets, or would be handy to grab quickly. They are perfect for yard tools, but they can also hold skis and other oblong sports pieces. Wall panels give you endless customization in placement of accessories. The wall panels have slats into which you can slide hooks, baskets and shelves. You’ll love the baskets for storing cleaning products.

Having a lot of items to store does not mean you have to be stuck with a messy garage. With these garage storage tips, you can make the most of your garage this summer, and create a garage that you are happy to use. If you are interested in more of the latest garage organization ideas, come explore our website and learn how to revamp your Maryland garage.

DIY vs Professional Closet Design

Making the most of your closet space helps you maintain a more organized and peaceful home. If you are looking into a custom closet storage, you can either create a DIY closet or hire a closet designer to install your closet system. As you evaluate which is the better option, consider several factors before making your choice.

Although closet storage may seem like a simple project, it can become a bigger commitment than you thought. Also, be aware that DIY closets typically use tall boards for the frames, and these panels may be difficult to maneuver without arranging for someone to help you. If you use a custom closet company, the installers can often complete your project within a day, without you having to lift a finger.


There’s a wide range of potential costs for DIY closets, depending on whether you start with raw materials or use a high-end closet kit, which can actually cost just as much as a custom closet system. If you opt for a DIY closet, remember that the pieces may not be as durable, so you could end up shelling out more money later to repair or replace them.


You probably haven’t designed a closet before, so you’re almost always better off using a professional closet designer. They understand your space and can make the most of it through utilizing corners, putting in the right amount of aisle clearance, and helping you choose the appropriate hanging and shelving setup. You are always welcome to share your design ideas throughout the process, too.


Your DIY closet may take several days to install, especially if you aren’t experienced with this type of project. Professionals work much more quickly, completing the project in just a day or two. Plus, when you use a custom closet company, you can rest assured that the storage is properly installed and anchored, and that your clothing rods will hold the weight of your clothing.


When you are making a DIY closet, you have lots of materials at your disposal. However, these materials often aren’t tailored specifically for closets unless you get a DIY kit, which can have limited colors and finishes. Custom closets can be constructed in a wide range of colors and finishes, and all the materials are high quality and typically include warranties so you have piece of mind.


While DIY closets may seem like the better choice because of their lower upfront price, you should also factor in the design process, time to install, and cost of future repairs, which all add to the emotional or financial cost. In many cases, contacting a custom closet company and getting an in-house estimate from a closet designer is your best first step, and many people find that professionally designed and installed custom closets are the better route for them.

3 Secrets to Home Office Organization

Are you able to get as much done in your home office as you would like? A disorganized space hampers productivity, so while it takes some time to de-clutter your office, the effort is well worth it. An organized office is an investment that will pay you back in improved productivity. Here are our three secrets to home office organization you can implement right away:


Are you still holding onto things you don’t need any more? It’s time to think “out with the old, in with the new.” Here’s what you need to do to make more space in your home office:

  • Shred old tax documents that are more than seven years old.
  • Scan documents you need into your computer and shred hard copies.
  • Throw away pens and markers that no longer work.
  • Get rid of little knickknacks sitting on your desk.
  • For a bigger change, throw out your old, inefficient desk and find one that fits the space and satisfies your needs better (here’s where we come in).


Digital files and folders may not take up physical space in your home office, but a cluttered computer definitely hampers productivity. If you decide to scan physical documents into your computer, make sure you organize them into proper folders as you go. Then go into existing folders and delete outdated files you don’t need any more.

Organizing digital files is a great way to speed up your computer. If it seems slower than usual after you organize your files, try defragmenting your hard drive. This helps improve storage efficiency. If your computer is still slower than normal, back up all your files on an external drive and reformat your computer. A fresh install of your operating system will help your computer run faster and better, which is obviously good news for productivity.


If you decide there are some documents you need to keep hard copies of, make it easier to find what you’re looking for by color coding your file drawer. For example, you might put insurance information under the red tab, business receipts under the blue tab and product warranties under the yellow tab. This level of organization keeps your office looking uncluttered and makes it easy to retrieve the files you need right when you need them.

Home office organization can be overwhelming, but with the help of a professional organization company, you can create the perfect custom home office. Contact us for more ideas on how to organize and de-clutter your office.

Turn Your Garage from Mess to Best

It’s a shame if you aren’t taking advantage of all the space in your garage; however, it is easy to change that for the better. Just read these three reasons to find the inspiration to turn your garage from mess to best.


A crowded garage is a disaster lying in wait, just like that huge spider you discovered when you went to grab the soccer ball the other day. The truth is that garages can be a source of serious injury for you or a family member. You could slip or trip on a greasy or cluttered floor. The tools just sitting around could become a projectile in the possession of a toddler. In fact, if your garage is packed full, you may not even know what is lurking in the shadows. That can of rat poison you set down “for just a moment” can be deadly in the wrong hands. You should store all of your household chemicals off the ground, away from access by children or pets, including:

  • paint
  • insect and rodent poisons
  • cleansers
  • motor oil
  • antifreeze

Young children do not know better than to grab these brightly-colored bottles and cans and play with them. This should be your incentive to find out what dangers sit in your garage right now.


The main trouble with an overpacked garage is that you do not know what you have. What you know you have, you cannot find. Every venture into the garage becomes a demented game of roulette. Will you find the Christmas lights you are looking for, or instead drown in a shower of glittery plastic Easter eggs? Might you locate the tape measure, or will you only find the eight stud finders you bought because you could not find the others? Garage organization is an investment of time, for sure – BUT it’s a big time saver in the long run.


The idea that you have a two-car garage but no room for your car may seem like the American experience, but it shouldn’t have to be. All you have to do is create a garage storage system that works for you, your garage and your stuff. Overhead garage storage gets the bulkier, seasonal items off the floor. Custom garage cabinets provide you with the workspace you always wanted, with a place for yard tools, sports equipment and other things. You can rely on wall hooks to put heavier or unwieldy items like bicycles, hoses and ladders off the floor. Once everything has a perfect spot, you will finally have plenty of room for your car.

Finding the time for garage organization is hard. If you do it now, you will reap all the benefits of a garage that is easy and even fun to use. Need some help getting started? Start by giving us a call today!